Breast & Bottle Feeding Nightlight + Latch-Positioning Tool

Achieving a proper latch can be challenging, especially when sleep deprived. LatchLight’s gentle, warm glow minimizes sleep disruption for you and your baby. It also includes a special tip to help adjust your baby's lips for a better latch. Plus, it glows-in-the-dark so you can easily find it.

LatchLight Demo Video


Sleep-Friendly LED

  • Near-pure red light on the Kelvin scale to prevent melatonin production
  • Low lumens for gentle brightness, aiding easy return to sleep

Optimal Illumination

  • Balances pure red light benefits with accurate color illumination (CRI)
  • Clearly and accurately illuminates the anatomy of mother’s skin, areola and baby’s mouth

Targeted Light

  • Narrow 40-degree angle for precise illumination, Superior to 360-degree emitting nightlights,
  • Avoids shining into the eyes of newborns or parents.


LatchLight also features a soft, slim, and flexible 100% silicone tip, designed to gently adjust your baby’s lips for an optimal latch. Unlike using a finger, this tool is perfectly sized for tiny mouths and is more hygienic too because it can be removed and sterilized.