About Us

Welcome to latchlight®, where innovation meets parenthood, driven by personal experience and a commitment to improving the infant nighttime journey. Meet Julie, the visionary behind our story, and Edwin, her partner in both life and innovation. Together, they form the dynamic duo at the heart of latchlight®.

Julie, a devoted mother who breastfed two beautiful babies, intimately understands the challenges of night feeding. Despite diligent preparation, including breastfeeding classes, she faced unexpected hurdles. From harsh hospital fluorescents to finding the right home lighting and struggles with adjusting those tiny lips, Julie experienced frustrations firsthand. Drawing on her passion for patient advocacy and a decade of medical product sales experience, Julie embarked on a mission to create a solution.

Enter Edwin, bringing invaluable experience and perspective as a supporting husband to a breastfeeding mother and a bottle-feeding dad. With two decades in medical sales and a passion for environmental sustainability, Edwin introduced innovative ideas like the glow-in-the-dark handle. Edwin's desire for better sleep also inspired the sourcing of sleep-friendly LED technology.

Together, Julie and Edwin created latchlight®, addressing practical challenges and celebrating the bonding experience between parent and child. Our simple yet innovative solution provides gentle illumination precisely where it's needed most during nighttime feeds.

At latchlight®, we're driven to provide more than innovative solutions. We're a beacon of support during the lonely, stressful, and vulnerable nighttime moments every parent encounters. Join us as we journey together, guided by love, resilience, and patience.